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Follow these simple steps to start using Adstter Digital Signage on your screens

1. Download and install the app in your Digital Signage Player.
Web Screen
Android Player
Windows Player
Samsung SSP
Samsung SmartTv
Web Screen

a) Open a Web Player in the device that you will display the content.

b) The Adstter Digital signage app will show appears.

c) Scan the QR code and create or reuse a screen player.

Android Player
Windows Player
Samsung SSP
a) You have setup the initial settings of the Samsung TV (you can also set it in portrait mode), you have an option to choose to start the TV from the URL Launcher (and not from the MagicINFO). That is the place where you need to type this URL:

If is works then go to step "D".

b) Download the file to your desktop (you might need to right-click it, and then choose “Save as” or “Download” in the popup menu), then extract its content into the root folder of a USB stick. Afterward reboot your Samsung TV when the USB stick is plugged in the USB port of the TV.

c) Afterwards, you should install the app from a USB stick. To do that: make sure that you have put all the content of the (it’s actually a folder) in the root directory of a USB stick; from the Tizen home screen click the “URL Launcher Settings” icon in the bottom bar; choose “Install from USB Device” and the installation process will start. Please notice that installing from a USB stick has one flaw: it cannot automatically get upgraded.

d) The Adstter Digital signage app will show appears.

e) Scan the QR code and create or reuse a screen player.

Samsung SmartTv

This is an app that can be run from the Smart TV. The process is to install it directly (without using the store).

a) Download the last versión from Tizen Studio 

b) Change the Samsung Smart Tv to developer mode. (On app store press 1,2,3,4,5)

c) Set the IP Tizen Studio PC and enable Developer Mode

d) Start Tizen Device Manager and connect with the Samsung Smart TV.

e) Download the wgt file on

f) Open the terminal  and execute  (change the QN65Q60TAPXPA for your Smart Tv ID) 

export PATH="$PATH:/Users/"genserdaniel/tizen-studio/tools/ide/bin

tizen install -n adstter.wgt -t QN65Q60TAPXPA

Transferring the package...

Transferred the package: /Users/genserdaniel/workspace/adstter-v2/adstter.wgt -> /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp

Installing the package...


Platform log view


install KJEjlctKPc.adstter

package_path /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp/adstter.wgt

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] install start

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[10]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[13]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[15]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[18]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[21]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[23]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[26]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[28]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[31]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[34]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[36]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[39]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[42]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[44]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[47]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[50]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[52]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[55]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[57]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[60]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[63]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[65]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[68]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[71]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[73]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[76]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[78]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[81]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[84]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[86]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[89]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[92]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[94]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[97]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] installing[100]

app_id[KJEjlctKPc.adstter] install completed

spend time for wascmd is [2529]ms

Installed the package: Id(KJEjlctKPc.adstter)

Tizen application is successfully installed.

Total time: 00:00:04.627

g) On the Smart Tv, start the Adstter Digital Signage App

 h) Scan the QR code and create or reuse a screen player.

2. Login in Adstter and create a new screen.

3. Update the Screen ID (Getting in Adstter Web Platform) in the app player.