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Web Management Software (SAS)

Use any browser to add new content to your screens.

Screen compatibility

Adstter player works with html, Android and Windows operating system.

Manage all screens

List as many screens as you want. Each one will show you the status. The colors will alert you if they are fine.

Add content

Publish images, videos and pages to the screens.

Bulk Ad Loading

Upload all the media file than you have for ads. Similar tu drop box o google drive. Easy

Publish by date and time

You can choose when the content will be displayed.

Group your screens

Set up screen groups to better manage content.

Create custom layouts

and place content on custom screen parts.

Manage Campaigns

Allows you to create a set of related ads that will be posted using a single seat on the screen reel.

Share screens and groups to your contributors

This allows you to manage your network of screens, and to balance those responsible for the content.

Tags management

Easy way to manage your screens and contents and then filter it.

Super Logs

Audit every change in your Ads, Campaign and Screen.

Ponmusica.com compatible

Publish ponmusica.app on your business screens and let your guests choose their music

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