Digital signage platform

Digital Signage Platform

Adstter is a comprehensive platform to publish advertising in display devices. Rent display spaces for advertising and make money.

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Adstter Digital Signage has android devices support. Also connect any screen with a Android box.

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Read more about our product and services. Many interested post than you can use in your digital displays.

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Digital Signace cases

Jukebox with Digital Signage

Adstter allows you to create your own Jukebox with Digital Signage.

Your clients can choose the music they like through and you can create an incredible atmosphere for your business. Read more


Digital Signage in Shopping Mall

Make advertising space for your renters. Take advantage of the customers traffic in your shopping mall. Offer to brand advertising spaces and earn money. Read more

Multi product dealers

Make advertising space for your suppliers. This increase the customer experences and get updated information for your product. Read more


Make advertising space for your customers know food and beverages that you have. This increase the average consume and cross selling. Read more

Digital Menu Board

Promote offered and day part for your restaurant menu. Read more

Buses Digital Signage

The passengers is a very attractive medium for the brands. Increase the travel experience and and give the brand to advertising. Read more

Digital Signage en Taxis

Los taxis son un medio de publicidad en exterior muy atractivo. Agrega pantallas digitales en el top del vehículo. Esto permitirá colocar contenido atractivo y dinámico. Read more

Digital Signage en Urbano

La ciudad es uno de los lugares importantes para la publicidad fuera de casa. Permite colocar pantallas de exterior o interior para que sean visto por los peatones ya automovilistas. Read more

Digital Signage en Hoteles

Crea una red interna de información en tu hotel, para informar a tus clientes sobre actividades, eventos y servicios que puedes proveerle. Read more

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